The OnePlus smartwatch is reportedly going to have a round display

This means it's not going to look like the Oppo Watch

A new hint from successful leaker Max J. claims that OnePlus’ upcoming smartwatch is going to have a round display.

The hint comes in the form of a tweet with the word “Wotch,” with the ‘O’ representing the round face of the device. While this is a little unclear, he does go on to clarify in the following tweets that he indeed meant to imply the device is circular.

Initially, when rumours of the OnePlus Watch started to leak, I assumed it was going to be very similar to the recently released Oppo Watch. Now with this new information, it’s less clear how the watch is going to look.

I still think it’s going to be relatively sporty and minimal, like a Misfit watch, but that’s just based on trends, not any real information.

There have also been leaks about a new OnePlus 8T device, so there’s a chance we could see both of these devices materialize around the same time this fall.

Source: Max J (@maxjmb)