Leaked images show LG Wing next to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The comparison shows the LG Wing is slightly taller and narrower than the Note 20 Ultra

LG’s upcoming ‘Wing’ smartphone has leaked again ahead of the September 14th event where the company is expected to unveil the device.

This time around, two images appeared on South Korea’s ‘Naver‘ website (via SlashLeaks) showing what appears to be the LG Wing alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Based on the pictures, it looks like the LG Wing is slightly taller than the Note 20 Ultra, but with a narrower display.

One images shows the LG Wing ‘closed,’ while the other shows it ‘open’ with the rotating display perpendicular to the second vertical display. Interestingly, the primary, horizontal display sports what appears to be a smart TV-like interface with a scrollable interface of panels.

Aside from showing the new interface and giving us an idea of how big the LG Wing will be, the images don’t offer much in the way of new information. Previous leaks have indicated the Wing will sport a 6.8-inch display, have a similar camera array to what’s seen on the Note 20 series and could use a Snapdragon 765G processor.

Other leaks have shown off some ways people can use the LG Wing displays. For example, one video showed off the device in its ‘T’ shape, with one screen showing driving navigation while the other had music playback controls.

While the LG Wing definitely seems like a novel idea, I’m still not convinced it’ll offer a meaningful experience over a typical smartphone. It remains to be seen how well the dual displays work and how they enhance the smartphone experience. Hopefully, LG does a good job showing off that aspect of the Wing at its September 14th event.

Source: Naver Via: SlashLeaks