Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 has the ‘world’s smallest curvature’

The device's curve features a radius of 1.4mm (1.4R)

Samsung says that the OLED display that is used on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has the “world’s smallest curvature.” The device’s curve features a radius of 1.4mm (1.4R), the South Korean phone-makers announced.

Samsung’s tiny curvature on the Fold 2 has a smaller folded gap than the original model, which allows for a more attractive design, and also stops the reoccurring issue of dirt entering behind the screen.

The South Korean company said that the French firm Bureau Veritas certified Samsung’s display screen for 200,000 folds, which it says is a benchmark for future screens. The durability of the Z Fold 2 comes from a multi-layered structure that works like a cushion whenever a user folds the panel. Unfortunately, it’s hard to take Samsung’s word for it, since it said the same about the original Fold and it couldn’t stand the test, according to a test from CNET.

Moreover, the Seoul-based electronics giant also received an ‘Eye Care Display’ certification, as the blue light emission on the Z Fold 2 is the lowest the industry has ever seen at 6.5 percent.

Additionally, Samsung said that the Z Fold 2 has already set ale record in South Korea with 50,000 pre-orders.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 launches on September 18th, exclusively at Bell in Canada.

Source: Samsung