Apple’s rumoured ‘AirPods Studio’ headphones to reportedly include U1 chip

The chip will likely be able to automatically recognize the left and right positioning of the headphones


Apple’s rumoured ‘AirPods Studio’ headphones will reportedly feature the company’s ultra-wideband U1 chip, according to notable Twitter leaker ‘L0vetodream.’

It’s likely that the U1 chip in the headphones will be used to track their location with the Find My app. However, the chip may also have other functions like directional detection of other U1 devices nearby.

Apple has previously noted that the chip will “enable short-range wireless location to support new experiences, such as next-generation digital car keys.” MacRumors notes that other than directional AirDrop, much of the chip’s functionality has yet to be realized.

The U1 chip was included in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro but not the 2020 iPad Pro or the second iPhone SE, which made Apple’s plans with the chip unclear.

However, since the chip is included in the Apple Watch Series 6 and is likely to be in the Airpods Studio headphones, it appears that the chip will be an important part of Apple’s ecosystem in the future.

L0vetodream notes that the U1 chip will likely be able to automatically recognize the left and right positioning of the headphones, which means that regardless of the way users wear the headset, the headphones will be able to recognize the orientation and switch the audio channels accordingly.

Further, the leaker suggests that Apple’s rumoured AirTags will be a key part of the tech giant’s U1 network to bridge different devices together.

Leaked images and renders of the headphones leaked a few days ago, which indicates that a release may be coming soon, but nothing is confirmed. The headphones are rumoured to cost $349 USD (about $459.49 CAD).

Source: @L0vetodream, MacRumors