Google rolling out new Gboard keyboard design to beta testers

Gboards's new design makes use of Google's Product Sans font and tweaks the theme

Google is working on a small visual update for its Gboard keyboard on Android. Now, it looks like some Gboard beta users have gotten the new look.

As spotted by 9to5Google, some users running Gboard beta ‘version’ report having the new look. The font used for the letters on each key now use Google’s Product Sans — or something very similar to it. Additionally, the updated look slightly tweaks the theme and rounds the corners of the keyboard.

Overall, it isn’t a huge change, but it does look much cleaner and nicer. Plus, with the new font, Gboard blends in much nicer with the other Google apps.

9to5 notes that the changes appear to be coming via a server-side update and not an app update. As such, it may be a while before you see the new look on your device. That said, several Reddit threads have cropped up reporting the change.

It’s also worth noting that you’ll need to be part of the Gboard beta to get access to the new look early. If you aren’t enrolled, head to the Gboard page on the Play Store and join the beta.

Image credit: Reddit — ‘Slaed_Dweller

Source: 9to5Google