Koodo text offering customers $5 off for 12 months if they get a new phone with Telus

The message suggests the iPhone 11, but the deal is applicable to any phone

Some Koodo customers have received a text message offer urging them to switch to Telus to get a $5 discount for 12 months and no connection fee.

The message from Koodo advertises Telus’ ‘Easy Payment’ device financing system, noting that “top-notch phones are within your reach.” I received a message from Koodo which specifically suggested the iPhone 11, which is available for $0 upfront. According to Telus’ website, the iPhone 11 is available for $0 upfront on Easy Payment with the ‘Bring-It-Back’ program, which discounts a set amount of your phone if you agree to return it after your two-year term. Alternatively, customers can choose to hold onto the phone and pay back the Bring-It-Back amount to Telus.

koodo offer

With Bring-It-Back and Telus’ Easy Payment system, the iPhone 11 is $0 upfront plus $25 per month for 24 months. The promotional message also says that you can opt for any phone you’d like if you aren’t interested in the iPhone.

After recommending a phone, the text message from Koodo says it will waive the $40 connection fee and discount your bill by $5 each month for the first 12 months.

Finally, the text message says that the deal can be applied on top of any other phone promotions available from Telus. The offer expires on October 6th.

Unfortunately, it seems like this deal will only be available to select customers. In my case, the text also included a link — which just goes to the Telus website — and a promo code. It also mentions customers will need a validation code, which happens to be your phone number.

The last thing the message says is that the recipient is on the list for Koodo and Telus offers, and provides options for removing yourself from the list. For my part, I don’t recall ever signing up to get offers. Regardless, it seems you need to be on that offer list to get the deal.