Google working on a hybrid work model for post COVID-19

Many Google employees want to go back to their office, just not every day

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, Google says it has discovered that most people seem to be getting used to the flexibility of working from home.

The tech giant gauged what its workforce wanted with a survey, and it says that 62 percent of its employees wish to return to the office, but only part-time.

As a result of this, the tech giant is working to restructure its offices and how it plans to interact with its employees in the long term as people stay remote, according to an interview Google CEO Sundar Pichai did with Time, as reported on by CNBC.

Further into the interview, Pichai says he believes face-to-face interactions are essential, but as the world changes, the company needs to adapt to a more hybrid model to give employees a choice.

Throughout the pandemic, many companies have switched entirely to remote work, including Shopify and Twitter, while others like Google are waiting until next year to return to a formal office.

Most people aren’t on board for never returning to work and want face time with co-workers, socialization and more streamlined collaboration, according to Google’s employee survey.

This is a big move for the company, and given its size, we could see more offices move to this hybrid model as the world pulls away from only working at home.

Source: Time