Amazon’s Ring reveals a flying drone for your home and new car alarms

The drone can fly to inspect disturbances triggered by other Ring Alarms

At Amazon’s fall hardware event, the company revealed several new Ring products, including an autonomous drone that flies around and monitors your home.

The Ring Always Home Cam drone flies by itself, but users can tell it what path to take through their house. This means the setup for the drone involves mapping the inside of your home and setting lookout points to make sure the drone catches all the info you’re after.

The drone can also fly to inspect disturbances triggered by other Ring Alarms.

When this new camera finishes flying, it returns to a little docking station where it recharges so it can do another pass later. While sitting in its dock, the camera and microphones are covered, so it only records when it’s flying around, according to Amazon.

Ring Always Home Cam gif

While an interesting concept, it’s unlikely many people are going to want to pay $249 USD (roughly $332 CAD) for this drone when they could place much cheaper cameras in several locations around their home. Then there’s also the privacy concerns surrounding a tiny flying drone continually monitoring your home. The Ring Home Cam is slated for release sometime in 2021.

Ring Car alarms

Beyond the futuristic, dystopian home drone, Ring also announced three new products aimed at the car.

The first is called Ring Car Alarm and plugs into the OBD-II port that most cars feature and then alerts users to bumps, break-ins, when you’re being towed and more. When the device detects one of these events, it triggers an alert that’s sent to the user’s phone so that they can set off an alarm. This can also link to your Alexa devices so they can notify you as well.

Then there’s the Ring Car Cam, which also monitors for bumps and break-ins like the Ring Car Alarm, but it will videotape whatever is happening as well. This device also has a car crash detection feature that alerts local authorities if you’re in a serious collision.

The final device, called the Ring Car Connect, is a software framework for developers and an aftermarket device that adds the features from the Ring Car Alarm and Ring Car Cam directly into a vehicle. So far, this is only going to be available in Tesla’s cars, but once users install the device, they’ll be able to see footage from the Tesla’s cameras and record driving footage via the Ring app.

Overall, it seems unlikely that Amazon will bring these products to Canada since they’ll require partnerships with Canadian carriers.

Source: Ring