Rogers, Fido offering discounted Beats Solo Pro or UrBeats 3 with iPhone 11 purchase

Rogers discounts the Beats Solo Pro by $280, Fido is giving away UrBeats 3, with iPhone 11 financing

Beats Solo Pro

Those looking to buy an iPhone 11 can currently get some free Beats earbuds or headphones if they buy the phone from Rogers or Fido.

The Toronto-based national telecom on its flanker brand are both offering Beats audio devices with the iPhone 11, but the offers differ between the two. Rogers’ website lists a special offer that gives customers $280 off over 24 months when they get the Beats Solo Pro on the carrier’s accessory financing program.

According to Rogers’ promotion page, customers can get the Beats Solo Pro for $4.17 per month financing over 24 months with either the iPhone 11 or a Samsung S20 series device also on financing. Typically, the Beats Solo Pro cost $15.84 per month financing (about $380 compared to roughly $100 with the deal). To buy the Solo Pro directly from Beats cost $379.95, so the deal gives quite the discount.

Fido, on the other hand, has a much simpler offer. Those who purchase an iPhone 11 on financing from Fido will get a free pair of ‘UrBeats 3’ earphones (valued at $79.95 in Canada). Unlike the Rogers deal, this one looks like it’s only available for the iPhone 11 and not for any other devices.

Although the Rogers deal is better, you still have to put out some money for the headphones compared to nothing extra for the Fido UrBeats 3 deal. Of course, the offer is really only worth it if you’re already in the market for a new iPhone 11 and not if you just want a pair of free headphones.