Unreleased ‘Chromecast with Google TV’ leaks, reveals UI and apps

Google’s upcoming Chromecast with Google TV product is getting the same leak treatment the company’s smartphones typically receive. Right on cue, a Walmart started to sell the product early, and a tech-savvy Redditor is now revealing everything about the still unannounced device.

Reddit user ‘fuzztub07’ showed off pictures of the new Chromecast alongside what’s included in the device’s box. They indicate that the included remote requires two AAA batteries.

Scrolling through the chromecast UI for those that were interested from r/googlehome

The Redditor also posted a video scrolling through the user interface. The apps listed include Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, YouTube TV, Sling, Hulu, Peacock and HBO Max as well as Spotify — though this will likely be different in Canada since we don’t have streaming services like Hulu or HBO Max. There are also several gaming categories, but Google’s Stadia is strangely missing.

The Redditor says that Stadia is not supported, though earlier rumours regarding the device suggested it would offer a ‘low-latency mode’ for gaming. Coupled with the Chromecast devices being a core part of the Stadia ‘play anywhere’ strategy, the new Chromecast should get support for Google’s streaming video game platform in the future.

fuzztub07 reports that at Walmart, the Chromecast with Google TV cost $49.98 USD (roughly $67 CAD), that it lacks an ethernet port, it’s 4K/HDR compatible and you can sideload APKs from unknown sources. Further, it’s based on Android 10, supports multiple user accounts and allows for Bluetooth headphone connections.

Additionally, the dongle supports HDMI-CES, which allows it to control the TV it’s connected to without the need for the remote to have an IR blaster.

Google is expected to reveal the Chromecast with Google TV on September 30th and will likely release it shortly after it’s shown off considering Walmart is already selling it.

Source: Reddit Via: The Verge