Rogers and Fido increasing international daily roaming prices on October 14

The international daily roaming options will increase by $2 per day

Rogers and Fido are reportedly increasing their international daily roaming prices for Rogers Roam Like Home and Fido Roam.

The international daily roaming option, which currently costs $12 per day, will increase to $14 per day starting October 14th, according to the carriers’ websites.

“As of October 14, 2020, Roam Like Home will be $14/day in eligible destinations,” Rogers outlines on its website.

Rogers had originally planned to implement the price increase earlier this year, but delayed it due to COVID-19, according to documents seen by iPhoneinCanada. The documents also state that Rogers continuously reviews its prices, and that changes are implemented to reflect the increased cost of providing roaming services.

The carriers’ international roaming plans let customers use their current talk, text and data while travelling, with up to a maximum 15 day charge per billing cycle.

It’s worth noting that towards the beginning of the pandemic, Rogers had waived roaming fees for customers abroad to help customers stay in contact with friends and family.

Source: Rogers, Fido Via: iPhoneinCanada