Google Chromecast, Nest devices will show date, location a photo was taken

Unfortunately the feature is only rolling out in the U.S.

Some Google Chromecast and Nest Hub devices will begin showing the dates and locations photos were taken.

The small quality-of-life update will display the date and location where someone took a picture when it’s shown by a Chromecast or Nest Hub screen. While not a major addition, it could help people recall when or where they were in a given photo.

Android Police reports that Google started rolling out the feature on September 15th, but 10 days into the rollout out the company posted an update on the Nest Help community forums. Unfortunately, the update clarified one thing: the feature will only be available in the U.S.

Aside from that, the update notes that the feature will only work for photos that have date and location data embedded in them. That suggests it uses EXIF data from the photo to generate the information, but it’s also possible that Google will take its Location History information into account as well.

Hopefully, Google expands the feature beyond the U.S. in the near future. I’m not typically one to use my Google Nest Hub as a photo display, but it is nice to see date and location information when I do put photos on it.

Source: Nest Help forums Via: Android Police