Here are some of Google’s most useful ‘.New’ web shortcuts

If you need to open a specific web tool quickly, it doesn't get better than these

This year, Google dropped a new web feature called ‘.New’ that enables users to start new projects and open web-based tools quickly in over 200 sites.

This includes almost the entire Google Workspace suite, a few Adobe apps, and many Microsoft’s Office programs. Plus, there are several apps from smaller developers you likely haven’t heard of.

The new shortcuts are very simple. Typing something like ‘Docs.new’ brings up a new Google Doc page that allows you to start typing without clicking through the Google Docs interface and waiting for multiple pages to load.

Not all of the .new shortcuts are useful, and they definitely don’t apply to everyone, but if you like creating things or have to use a few of these programs for your job like I do, they can really help streamline your workflow.

Below are some of the .New shortcuts I use and other ones I think people may find helpful:

  • sign.new – opens Abobe’s website so you can sign and fill out PDF documents digitally
  • buffer.new – quickly post or schedule something on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
  • team.new – open a new Microsoft Teams chat window
  • surveymonkey.new – start a new survey with Survey Monkey
  • compresspdf.new – open a window that allows you to drag/drop a PDF to be compressed
  • jpgtopdf.new – allows you to drag a JPG into the window, and it converts into a PDF
  • pdf.new – use Adobe to convert a Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint files to PDF
  • post.new – create a new WordPress post if you have a blog
  • image.new – edit a photo with an online editor
  • medium.new –  create a new story post on Medium
  • playlist.new – start a new Spotify playlist
  • link.new – compress a link with Bitly
  • cal.new –  create a new Google Calendar
  • form.new – create a new Google Form
  • note.new – opens a fresh Google Keep note
  • meet.new – start a Google Meet session
  • slides.new – start a new Google Slides presentation
  • upload.new – easily upload many file types to make them easily shareable with a link
  • password.new –  easily add a new password to Dashlane
  • reservation.new – make a reservation on OpenTable

There are way more shortcuts on Google’s .New website, but these are the ones that I think people will get the most out of. If you continue to check Google’s site, it’s constantly updated with more tools as developers create .new shortcuts.

Source: Google .New