Apple patent applications reveal plans to leverage AR for tech support sessions

The tech giant is looking to merge AR with its online chat system for customers


Apple’s ambitions for augmented reality experiences could revamp how the tech giant interacts with customers at home.

Two recently discovered patent applications labelled “Guided Retail Experience” and “Guided Consumer Experience” suggest that Apple is looking to merge AR with its online chat system for customers.

As opposed to a standard text box, these two AR experiences look at showing customers a live video of an Apple Store personal shopper.

The patent applications note that online “shopping can lack the instantaneous feedback, answers to questions, suggestions, demonstrations of products, and human connection of an in-person shopping experience.”

“Additionally, the user is unable to fully interact with the online representation of the product and, therefore, cannot truly experience a full demonstration of the product while in a remote environment.”

Although the two patent applications are quite similar and look to provide the same solution, they have different functions. Firstly, the Guided Retail Experience deals with how products can be shown to a customer, potentially through a virtual Apple Store.

A virtual Apple Store would include “presenting a virtual object representing a product in the computer-generated reality environment.” The goal with this feature would be to provide a remote experience that mirrors in-person shopping.

Next, the Guided Customer Experience deals with what customers will see about a product and displaying key information next to them.

“A salesperson can cause a product to be displayed on the user’s device via the electronic communication session, and the user can manipulate the product to see various portions and features,” the patent explains.

It’s not surprising that Apple is looking for ways to leverage AR to boost sales and the customer experience, especially as the pandemic has accelerated the growth of the digital industry.

Image credit: Apple

Via: Apple Insider