Subway offering buy two, get one free footlong deal through its mobile app

Just in time for lunch

Just in time for lunch, Subway is offering a free footlong with the purchase of two footlongs.

RedFlagDeals (RFD) first spotted the deal, but if you pop open the Subway app on your phone, you should see a full-page banner about the offer.

According to the banner, it automatically applies the discount when you add three footlongs to your account. There’s a limit of one free sub per order, and the free cost excludes extras.

The deal is exclusively available through the Subway app.

RFD user ‘HelloNanaimo’ mentioned in their post about the deal that if you do add extras, the discount only applies to the base price of the free sub.

Another user in the thread noted that the app appears to automatically discount the lowest cost sub to free, so keep that in mind when you order.

Source: RedFlagDeals