Apple executive Dan Riccio to focus on AR/VR headset development

The tech giant has yet to officially reveal its long-rumoured AR/VR headset project

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Following the recent announcement that Dan Riccio, Apple’s former senior vice-president of engineering, would be shifting to a “new project” at the tech giant, a report has emerged that sheds more light on what he’ll now be working on.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Riccio will be focusing on Apple’s long-rumoured AR/VR headset. Bloomberg says that the shift is very similar to Phil Schiller, Apple’s former marketing chief, leaving his senior role to focus on the App Store and public relations.

In the case of Riccio, the report says that he’s stepping down as vice-president of engineering at Apple to work on the company’s long-rumoured AR/VR project. Bloomberg says that this is an effort by Apple to “keep longtime executives at the company.” Apple’s VR-focused project is rumoured to be led by Mike Rockwell, an Apple vice president that has “well over a thousand engineers working on the two devices.”

Apple’s AR/VR headset is rumoured to feature dual 8K displays, eye-tracking, a processor more powerful than the current M1 chip and a price tag in the range of roughly $3,000 USD (about $3,852 CAD).

Source: Bloomberg