Apple’s iOS 14.5 emojis include vaccines, greater race and gender representation and AirPods

iOS 14.5 is currently in public beta

iOS 14.5 emoji

Apple has revealed the new emoji from the Unicode Consortium’s Emoji 13.1 release that it will introduce as part of iOS 14.5.

Most notably, Apple’s upcoming lineup of emoji includes a revised syringe emoji (the blood has been removed to allow it to represent vaccines), different skin tones and bearded emojis for different genders, new smiley faces and hearts and, naturally, the AirPods Max.

With respect to the bearded emoji, iOS 14.5 will allow for ‘Man:Beard’ and ‘Woman:Beard’ configurations on top of the neutral ‘Person:Beard.’ Popular emoji such as ‘Couples Kissing’ and ‘Couples with Heart’ also now feature different skin tone variations to better represent different relationships.

Elsewhere, iOS 14.5 adds Apple’s take on the Unicode Consortium’s new smiley faces and hearts, which include ‘Face with Spiral Eyes,’ ‘Face in Clouds,’ ‘Exhaling Face,’ ‘Heart on Fire’ and ‘Mending Heart.’

A full official rollout for iOS 14.5 hasn’t yet been confirmed, but it’s currently in public beta.

Via: The Verge