Microsoft Fight Simulator 2020 mod adds stuck cargo ship to Suez Canal

If you miss seeing the beached boat, check out Flight Sim

While the cargo ship blocking the Suez Canal is finally be freed, you can still go and see it in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, thanks to a new mod.

In case you missed it last week, the world’s been fixated on a giant cargo ship called the ‘Ever Given’ ran aground about a week ago, blocking the Suez Canal and disrupting global trade routes. There’s no good reason as to why this ship captured headlines and memes around the world, but it did, and it was hilarious.

To take the joke into the realm of videogames, a savvy modder added a satellite image of the stuck ship to Flight Sim. It’s unlikely that this stuck ship will bring together the Flight Sim community as the giant hole did, but it’s still fun to see gamers adding current events like this to the game.

It would have been a lot more fun to see the development team behind the game actually add an official update that brought the ship to the game last week, but since the boat was only stuck temporary, it likely wasn’t a priority.

Source: @matvelloso Via: The Verge