Amazon Prime Day might be in June this year

Like last year, there's a possibility the date could be pushed back

Prime Day

After shifting Prime Day to October last year, rumours suggest Amazon will hold its annual sale event in June 2021.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the flow of 2020’s events, Prime Day was often held in the summer at some point in July. Last year, it was pushed back to October, allowing Amazon to adjust its operations as online orders increased amid the ongoing pandemic.

This year, the e-commerce giant is more-or-less seems on top of things — except for the fact that its drivers are reportedly being forced to pee in bottles to make all of their deliveries on time.

Last year there were numerous delays leading up to Prime Day, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this June date passes us by if the world is hit particularly hard by another COVID-19 wave. If it’s not pushed back, Recode’s sources claim that it will take place in the latter half of June.

Prime Day is a huge online sales event for Amazon Prime Members that discounts products and sometimes also offers digital concerts. After the success of last year’s fall Prime Day, the company is considering holding a new separate sales event on top of June’s Prime Day.

Source: Recode