Google’s Android phone app update lets you record calls from unknown numbers

So far this feature isn't available in Canada

Google is rolling out an update to its Android phone app that allows users to record audio from unknown callers automatically.

The tech giant rolled out the ability to record calls last year, but now it’s building on that functionality by making it an option to record calls from unknown callers automatically. Ideally, this will help users record evidence of spam calls.

The call recording features don’t seem to be available on the Pixel and OnePlus phones I have, suggesting this feature either hasn’t been released in Canada yet or isn’t coming here. MobileSyrup has reached out to Google for more information.

If the unknown number recording ever releases here, you can select if you want to auto-delete recordings after a set amount of time. You can also set it to record numbers that are not in your contact list or specific numbers you add yourself, according to Google. 

It’s unclear why the feature isn’t available in Canada since we have pretty relaxed call recording laws that allow you to record any call as long as one person consents to it. This means you can record a call if you consent and the person on the other end doesn’t know.

Source: 9to5Google