Google’s new Maps and Search features aim to help Canadians find COVID-19 vaccines

All you need to do is type “COVID-19 vaccine” in either Google Search or Google Maps

Google is working to provide Canadians with detailed information regarding vaccination facts and locations as vaccine rollouts ramp up across Canada.

According to Google, the search interest in “vaccine near me” has grown by over tenfold in the last month, reaching an all-time high as more people across the country are becoming eligible to get the jab.

Now, in collaboration with Montreal-based Clinia Health, Google has launched a new feature for its Search and Maps that will enable Canadians to locate vaccination clinics near them more easily. All you need to do is type “COVID-19 vaccine” in either Google Search or Google Maps, and the closest vaccination location to you will appear. The results also provide information such as whether an appointment or referral is needed and if access is restricted to certain age groups.

Additionally, Google has updated its Search features to surface information on vaccination effectiveness, adverse effects, priority groups, statistics, and the latest COVID-19 related news to help users stay up to date on the global vaccine rollout. To access this information, type COVID-19, followed by your province in the Google Search bar.

Google is also supporting vaccine education via YouTube. According to a report by Watchtime Canada, over 70 percent of Canadians claim they use YouTube to get information and learn new things.

Google collaborated with the Public Health Agency of Canada and several Canadian Youtubers to address some of Canada’s most common vaccination questions. For example, Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, sat down with YouTuber Brandon Gonez for a candid discussion about travelling after getting the vaccine, adverse mental effects of lockdowns, different vaccines and more.

Image credit: Google Blog

Source: Google Blog