Twitter testing new tab to help users discover Spaces

A select number of users will start to see the new tab on mobile

Twitter is testing a new tab on mobile to help users find relevant live Spaces when they open the app.

The social media giant notes that it can be tricky to find Spaces, which is why it’s starting to test this new feature with a select number of users. The tab will be placed in the middle of the navigation bar between the search and notifications tabs.

Twitter says it wants “to make it as simple as possible to join the best, most relevant audio conversations every time you open Twitter.”

It notes that “a small, selected group from our host community who have continued to provide feedback and have created some amazing conversations will have access to this tab.”

Twitter started testing the Clubhouse-like feature in December 2020 and launched it earlier this year. The feature has proven to be popular as it has been available on both iOS and Android for quite some time now unlike Clubhouse, which was strictly iOS-only up until a few weeks ago.

The platform outlines that it will continue to give more people access to the tab over time.

Source: Twitter