Mystery Google ‘Wireless Product’ shows up at FCC, could be a Nest camera

A new Google “Wireless Product” appeared in an FCC listing, although it’s unclear what the device is.

9to5Google spotted the FCC entry for a device with the model number ‘GWX3T,’ and suspects it’s a Nest camera. The FCC listing doesn’t include much information, but 9to5 reports that it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) connectivity.

Moreover, the mystery GWX3T Wireless Product is similar to another recent Google FCC filing for a ‘G3AL9’ Wireless Streaming Device that showed up in March.

Other than the slightly different name (Wireless Product vs. Wireless Streaming Device), the other major difference appears to be power. The device from March featured a rechargeable Li-polymer battery, while there’s no mention of a power supply for the new GWX3T.

9to5 suggests that these are both Nest security cameras, noting that Google previously promised to launch a new line up security cameras this year. It’d make sense for the company to have a wireless option (rechargeable G3AL9) and a cheaper wired option (GWX3T).

Moreover, the FCC’s short-term confidentiality protection expires on September 24th for the G3AL9, while the GWX3T expires on December 2nd. That could mean we’ll see an announcement of the new cameras in the fall with availability shortly after.

Of course, it’s only speculation that the device is a Nest camera. It’s notable that the device was filed as a “Product” — as 9to5 points out, there haven’t been any devices in recent Google history called a “Product.” Perhaps that means the mystery device is something entirely new. We’ll likely learn more about it later this year, either from Google or from the FCC when confidentiality expires in December.

Source: FCC Via: 9to5Google