Leaker says M1X MacBook Pro, Mac mini could arrive in Q4 2021

Several reports point to a Q4 release, but others have claimed the rumoured M1X MacBook Pro will come in the summer

M1 MacBook Pro

Rumours about Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro refresh have circulated online for some time now. According to various leakers and tipsters, the updated MacBook Pro will likely sport a more powerful ‘M1X’ chip and a slightly new design. One thing leakers haven’t agreed on: the release date.

In the lead-up to Apple’s WWDC event earlier this month, several leakers suggested Apple would announce the new MacBook Pro during the opening keynote. That didn’t happen — although, humorously, Apple did include some SEO tagging in the YouTube keynote video with phrases like ‘M1X’ and ‘MacBook Pro.’ Now, leakers are pointing to a Q4 release for the refreshed MacBook Pro.

Leaker ‘Dylandkt‘ tweeted that Apple will “definitely” release the rumoured 14- and 16-inch M1X MacBook Pro in Q4 2021, likely either in late October or early November. Along with the MacBook Pro, Dylandkt said Apple would release a Mac mini sporting the upgraded M1X chip.

9to5Mac notes that Dylandkt has a “mixed track record” but that he got details of the new M1 iMac and 2021 iPad Pro correct. However, Dylandkt isn’t the only person to point to a late 2021 release — a recent DigiTimes report also pointed to that timeframe for the new MacBook Pro. An early November release would make sense — Apple first announced the M1 chip and MacBook Air, Pro and Mac mini devices with it on November 10th last year.

Other reports point to an earlier release for Apple’s M1X MacBook Pro. For example, Bloomberg’s reliable Mark Gurman previously said the new MacBook Pro might launch in the summer.

Aside from sporting an M1X chip, the new MacBook Pro is expected to come in two sizes (14- and 16-inch) and sport a redesigned chassis with flat edges. It will also reportedly have a larger display with reduced bezels and more ports, including an SD card reader, HDMI port and will bring back the MagSafe charger.

Source: Dylandkt (Twitter) Via: 9to5Mac