Grand Mountain Adventure is the most satisfying mobile game I’ve played in a while

Carving up the mountain on my phone feels almost as good as the real thing

Finding mobile games that scratch a real gaming itch can sometimes be a struggle, but this simple snowboarding simulation title draws me in for hours at a time.

If you’ve played console or PC titles like Lonely Mountain Downhill, Grand Mountain Adventure should feel pretty familiar.

Players are tasked with simply shredding down a slope while making sure that they’re carving through the terrain effectively without hitting anything. You can even pull off simple tricks if you hit a jump.

Beyond that, Grand Mountain Adventure is set in a semi-open-world, so you can also spend time just exploring the mountain and skiing or snowboarding for fun if you want to. This is where I get the most enjoyment when I play. I like just roaming around and trying to board naturally. For example, pulling off a perfectly arched carve feels great.

Grand Mountain Adventure is free to download, but you’ll need to pay $6.99 for all of its several mountains. This is a little steep, but the game feels very polished for a mobile title and I think the cost is worthwhile.

Other perks include a local multiplayer mode, and if you’re a PC gamer, you should be able to find the game on Steam at some point during winter 2021/22.

Grand Mountain Adventure is available on iOS and Android for free.