Ontario government will release its COVID-19 vaccination certification app on October 22nd [Update]

The app will launch on October 22nd


As of September 22nd, under Ontario’s new COVID-19 vaccine certificate program, proof-of-vaccination will be required to use several businesses across the province, including movie theatres, gyms and indoor dining.

Similar to Quebec’s VaxiCode, Ontario’s government will release an app that combines a proof-of-vaccination certificate and personal identification through the use of a QR code. The app is expected to be ready to release on October 22nd. An additional app is in the works for businesses to verify immunized Ontarians’ QR codes.

A vaccine certificate will not be required for outdoor dining or retail shopping and is designed with large events like concerts and non-essential businesses in mind. Prior to the launch of the vaccine certification app and QR code system, Ontarians are instructed to print/save their vaccination receipts to use as proof-of-vaccination.

The Ontario government says that when the province’s QR code system launches, proof-of-vaccination can be shown via the in-app QR code (which can also be screenshotted and saved on a device) or printed.

Update 09/1/2021 10:44pm ET: This story has been updated to reflect that plans surrounding Ontario’s proof-of-vaccination app are official.

Source: CP24, blogTO