Twitter introduces pay-to-view content with new ‘Super Follows’ feature

iOS users in Canada can now subscribe to view paywalled tweets from U.S. accounts

After months of rumours and leaks, Twitter has officially introduced paywalled content through its new ‘Super Follows’ feature.

Super Follows is a subscription service where users can monetize their Twitter accounts by asking followers to pay a monthly subscription to access certain tweets.

The tiers of subscription fees are currently set at $2.99 USD (about $3.77 CAD), $4.99 (roughly $6.29 CAD) and $9.99 USD (approximately $12.59 CAD) per month. At launch, only iOS users in Canada and the U.S are able to “Super Follow” other accounts.

Moreover, only a small group of pre-approved U.S. accounts have been allowed to set up Super Follows subscription services for their followers, according to a press release from Twitter.

So while Canadian Twitter users on Apple devices are able to pay to Super Follow accounts as of September 1st, they’re not yet allowed to monetize their own tweets.

Twitter Super Follows

Currently, only U.S. users hoping to monetize their accounts are eligible to join the Super Follows program waitlist.

Besides your location, other waitlist requirements include being over the age of 18, having 10K or more followers, having an active account (i.e. tweeting at least 25 times in the last 30 days), and following Twitter’s Super Follows Policy.

The new policy largely draws on the company’s existing Twitter Rules” — which already includes a platform-wide ban on adult content, in case you thought Twitter might be coming for OnlyFans’ crown with this new paid subscription model — but includes some notable caveats.

For example, “state-affiliated media” and “parody and fan accounts” are barred from participating in the Super Follows program.

Twitter first teased that it was working on a paid subscription service at the company’s Analyst Day event on February 25th.

As for the future of Super Follows, Twitter said that users can look forward to features including: “Super Follows-only Spaces, newsletters, the choice to opt in to different subscription tiers that creators can offer, [and] the ability to subscribe anonymously.”

In the same day, Twitter also announced that it’s new “Safety Mode” feature — which temporarily auto-blocks accounts that engage in harassing behaviour — was entering beta testing.

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