The latest weird video game tie-in is branded solid state drives

Let me know when the Halo Infinite drives are available

EA is marketing Battlefield 2042 in a unique way with a themed solid state drive (SSD) for PC and the PlayStation 5.

We’ve seen gaming promotional tie-ins for years now with products like Halo Doritos, Call of Duty Mountain Dew and several other video game-themed snacks, but I haven’t encountered a logo on a storage drive before — it’s an interesting tactic.

When games place their logo on snacks, usually the food in question also offers some form of double experience boost or in-game items, and since bags of chips and pop are so cheap, it’s easy for gamers to pick them up without much thought. These items are also displayed in grocery stores, gas stations and other places that get a lot of foot traffic, so it doubles as good advertising.

A solid state drive is a bit different since they usually cost $50-$150 in Canada and it’s not really something the average person would pay attention to in a store. On the other hand, instead of this drive giving gamers double XP, it comes with a full version of the game. This often happens with PC parts like graphics cards and motherboards in the form of branded hardware. In most instances, the game is usually a free add-on, but in this situation, you’re getting a discount on the game alongside the solid-state drive.

Overall, this is a decent deal since Battlefield 2042 retails for $80 and the drive usually costs $85. If you bought them separately, it would cost you $165, but together they’re on sale for $130 for the 500GB version of the SSD.

It’s also worth noting that the solid state drive is the Western Digital Black that features PCI Gen4 connectivity. If you need a new drive and you want to get BattleField 2042, the promotion SSD is available in 1TB  and 500GB options. BattleField 2042 releases on October 22nd, 2021.