Best Buy partners with Amazon to sell more Fire TVs

You can order on Amazon and pickup at your local Best Buy

This fall, Best Buy shoppers will soon start seeing more  Fire TVs in the aisles as the retailer gears up to launch its next generation of Pioneer and Toshiba smart TVs.

These new TVs will run on Amazon’s Fire TV operating system, and some include built-in microphones for hands-free Alexa controls.

New Pioneer sets

The new Pioneer TVs are 4K capable and come in either 43-inch or 50-inch sizes. They also support HDR10 and Dolby Vision high dynamic range content. Since these TVs work in Amazon’s ecosystem, you can stream audio from them to Echo devices.

These sets also include Amazon’s Alexa voice-activated assistant built into the remote so you can use voice controls to navigate the television’s UI or ask regular questions regarding the weather or set a timer.

Best Buy has the 43-inch version up for pre-order for $529, while the larger 50-inch model costs $629. The TVs are set to launch on September 13th.

Toshiba TVs

These Toshiba sets are a little more interesting since they actually feature microphones in each television so it can operate as its own Alexa device without needing to hit a button on the remote. This is very similar to the Amazon-branded TVs the company revealed yesterday.

These TVs won’t be available until the spring of 2022 and will come in 55-inch, 6-inch and 75-inch sizes when they launch.

One of the interesting perks of these TVs is that you can pick them up at your local Best Buy immediately once you order them.

Source: Amazon