Spend your PC Points during Shoppers’ upcoming Bonus Redemption Event

From consoles, video games and cameras to headphones and wearables, Shoppers' vast catalogue has something for everyone

Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart will be running its ‘Bonus Redemption Event,’ starting September 17th to 22nd, as shared by RedFlagDeals user ‘hill15.’

During Bonus Redemption Event, redeeming 50,000 PC Optimum points will net you $65, equivalent to 65,000 points, whereas, on a normal day, redeeming 50,000 points account for $50.

Similarly, redeeming 100,000 points will net you $140 in value, and 200,000 points will be equivalent to $300.

So what can you spend these points on? Shoppers has a bunch of video games and electronics that might make a solid purchase. Check them out below:


Video games


Find all PlayStation games in Shopper’s catalogue here.


Find all Xbox games in Shopper’s catalogue here.

Nintendo Switch

All Nintendo Switch Games in Shopper’s catalogue can be found here.

Source: RedFlagDeals