Final Fantasy Tactics-esque ‘Triangle Strategy’ coming to Nintendo Switch in March

The game has also been "fine-tuned" based on the demo from earlier this year

Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy, an upcoming strategy-RPG from Square Enix, is coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 4th, 2022.

Revealed during a previous Nintendo Direct as Project Triangle Strategy, the game is a spiritual successor of sorts to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Tactics series that uses Octopath Traveler‘s stunning aesthetic.

“In response to the survey about the demo released in February of this year, the game has been fine-tuned with a focus on elements that received lots of feedback,” said Square Enix during the Direct. “These include adjustments to the difficulty, improvements to on-screen visuals, camera angle controls, the ability to review previous dialogue, and streamlined game flow and loading times.”

The game features a branching narrative focused on Serenoa Wolffort, the heir to one of the world’s great houses. Players will get to form parties consisting of knights, mages, archers and more as they make their way through the choice-driven story.

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