Rogers reports $7.5 million investment in indie Canadian productions

The final deadline to apply to Rogers' Cable Network Fund is October 13th, 2021

Rogers announced that over 60 Canadian productions have received $7.5 million in grants and investments this year through its funding, loan-offering, and equity investor programs.

The Rogers Group of Funds, as the name suggests, provides monetary backing for independent Canadian television and film productions.

According to the press release, so far 49 film productions have received support from the Rogers Documentary Fund, in addition to 13 television productions through the Rogers Cable Network fund.

The press release also notes that the Rogers Cable Network Fund is still open for applications until October 13th, 2021 — so heads-up to any independent Canadian television-makers out there.

Earlier this year in June, Rogers announced it was partnering with the Black Screen Office and the Canadian Independent Screen Fund for BPOC Creators to create a third, new $750,000 script development fund specifically for Black and POC creators.

Similarly developed in partnership with the Black Screen Office, Telus’ StoryHive recently launched a Black Creators Edition of their program early this month, offering $20,000 grants to Black content creators in Western Canada.

Source: Rogers