Samsung reportedly in talks with Tesla to develop next-gen self-driving chips

These chips might be four times more powerful than current technology

Reports are circulating that Samsung and Tesla are looking to further their relationship by developing a new self-driving chipset for the automaker’s Full Self-Driving 4 chipset.

Samsung already makes chips for the Model 3 and other Tesla vehicles with the Full Self-Driving 3 hardware. If the rumour is true, this will keep the Korean tech giant’s computer chips in every Tesla vehicle moving forward.

The automaker has said before that we’d see new self-driving hardware with the launch of the Cybertruck in 2022. If we’re going to hear about a new Samsung and Telsa partnership, that seems like the place to do it.

Samsung’s previous self-driving chip was built on the 14-nanometer technology, but the new chip is rumoured to feature 7-nanometer construction. This should increase both the speed and the power of the chip considerably. The Cybertruck self-driving tech is reportedly roughly four times as capable as the current chip, suggesting it will include the new chip. You can learn more about the previous Tesla chip here.

Reuters report mentions that the leading chipmaker globally — TSMC in Taiwan — builds 52 percent of the world’s chips, and Samsung is in second place with 17 percent. With this in mind, moving more into EV and vehicle chip production might help the South Korean company gain more market share.

Source: Electrek, WikiChip