This is how to block artists on Spotify

Here's how Android and iOS users can block homophobic (DaBaby) and racist artists on Spotify

DaBaby is a raging homophobe and as someone who used to listen to his music, I sometimes still see it in my recommended music lists on Spotify. I wanted to change that.

While I tried to block the individual songs I encountered, I quickly realized that was impossible. However, what’s even better is that you can completely block an artist with Spotify.

So here’s how to block artists — like DaBaby, for example — with the Android and iOS versions of Spotify:

Open Spotify

Click the ‘Search’ button

Type in the name of the artist you’d like to block (DaBaby)

Tap on the three-dot (horizontal on iPhone, vertical on Android) menu button below the name of the artist

Tap ‘Don’t play this artist’ (on iPhone) or ‘Don’t play this’ (on Android)

These are easy steps regarding how to block artists on Spotify. It’s worth noting that even if you manually tap on a blocked artist’s song, it won’t play, which is perfect. It’s worth noting that I noticed all of the artist’s songs are greyed out on iOS, but this doesn’t happen on Android.

Additionally, if the artist isn’t the main name on the track, it will still play. So, unfortunately, “Levitating” by Dua Lipa featuring DaBaby will still play.

Either way, this is one step closer to getting rid of bigoted music on my Spotify-generated music playlists.