Surface Duo 2 will get three years of OS, security updates

It's the same as what the Duo got -- now the company needs to focus on delivering updates quickly

Surface Duo 2 colours

Microsoft will offer three years of Android and security updates for the Surface Duo 2.

A company representative confirmed the update promise to Android Authority following the unveiling of its newest Surface smartphone.

“We are committed to providing three years of OS and security updates,” the representative said.

It should come as good news to anyway planning to pick up a Surface Duo 2, although it’s disappointing Microsoft isn’t planning to offer longer support for such an expensive device. Three years is starting to become the minimum expectation as other smartphone makers like Samsung push to four years of security updates and Apple goes much further (the company’s iOS 15 upgrade supports 2015’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus).

It’s also worth noting that Microsoft’s update promise matches the one it made about the original Surface Duo. Unfortunately, update speed is something the company will need to work on — it only just announced the Duo would get Android 11 by the end of 2021. Android 12 is expected to launch in October.

Ultimately, my concern is that this indicates software may continue to be an issue for the Duo 2. It was undoubtedly a problem for the Duo. Microsoft seems to have fixed many of the Duo’s hardware problems with the Duo 2 (at least, they have on paper), but if it can’t get software in order, the Duo 2 may be a really tough sell at $1,899.

Source: Android Authority