Amazon’s ‘Hey Disney’ feature adds some familiar voices to Echo devices

Amazon is also equipping Walt Disney World Resort hotels with custom Echo devices

If you — or a little person in your life — ever wanted to ask Olaf from Frozen what the weather is today, then oh boy, are you in luck.

At a September 28th product event, Amazon announced a new partnership with Disney related to its Echo voice-activated devices.

Those who own an Amazon Echo device will soon be able to say ‘Hey Disney’ to access a series of new features, activities and character voices.

The new ‘Hey Disney’ service, which includes “original character voice recordings and audio” and “over 1,000 magical interactions” is expected to be available to purchase in 2022, though there’s no word yet on what the mouse-themed add-on will cost.

Meanwhile, in an announcement designed specifically to make ‘Disney Dads’ run upstairs in their sensible arch-supporting walking shoes to grab their fannypacks, Amazon says that all Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms will also be equipped with ‘Hey Disney’ Echo devices.

Disney World guests can use the Echo devices in their rooms — likely docked in the newly released Mickey-themed Echo Show 5 stands — to access voice-activated hospitality services powered by Alexa’s AI software.

Everyone else can also pre-order the stands now for $24.99 USD (roughly $31.72 CAD).

And if that’s not enough Disney x Amazon collab news for you, the Seattle-based tech multinational has also apparently literally made a real-life version of Wall-E?

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Image credit: Disney/Amazon

Source: Amazon