Fido offering $45/25GB winback plan to some former customers

The closest plan to the winback offer on Fido's website is a 15GB for $70 per month plan

If you’ve switched from Fido in recent months, check your email because you might have an offer for a $45 per month 25GB plan, under a new winback offer from the Roger-owned carrier.

As shared by a MobileSyrup reader, former Fido customers are receiving emails regarding a’winback’ promotion that includes 25GB of data, unlimited calling and texting, voicemail, data overage protection and more.

As expected, this plan doesn’t exist on Rogers’ website — the closest one I can find is 15GB for a $70 per month plan.

This isn’t the first time Fido has offered former customers lucrative plans. For example, the same 25GB/$45 winback promotion was active in February.

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