Fido circulating 5GB loyalty offer to some subscribers

As a person who writes a lot of deal posts, I get surprisingly few offers myself :(

If you’re a Fido subscriber, you might want to make sure that you’re logging into the website or the app often to scope out good deals.

A post is circulating on the Canadian deals forum RedFlagDeals claiming that some subscribers are being offered 5GB of free bonus data. This doesn’t come without a catch, of course, since it only lasts for 15 months, according to user reports.

Sadly, as with many data deals we see, this one appears to be highly targeted, so it’s only accessible to some people. It seems like most of the people in the RedFlagDeals post are BYOD Fido subs, so if you’re not stuck in a phone contract, you may have a higher chance of grabbing this deal.

You can log in to your Fido account to check and see if you have a bonus. We recommend doing this somewhat often since these deals are pretty random and can seemingly happen. Other carriers like Virgin and Koodo often have similar deals as well.

Via: RedFlagDeals