New swipe gesture lets Google Nest Hub users browse photos hands-free

The update is specifically for 2nd generation Nest Hub devices

Google is reportedly adding a new motion detecting gesture to its second-generation Nest Hub smart display devices.

9to5Google reports that the upcoming feature will let users “browse photos by swiping” their hand in the air in front of the device.

This will be the third ‘Quick Gesture’ the Nest Hub is equipped to recognize so far.

The other two gestures include a horizontal swipe used to snooze alarms or silence timers, and an ‘air tap’ to play and pause media.

The Nest Hub uses a Google-developed technology called Soli — a “miniature radar” whose electromagnetic waves bounce off of nearby objects and back into the radar’s antenna.

The reflected waves are then processed, translating that bounced-back data into information about the size, movement, and distance of an object (like a hand, for example) in order to recognize certain gestures (like the three described above) that are programmed to trigger specific device functions.

Google continues to release new features and functionalities to its smart display devices.

In March, the company teased an update to the Nest Hub which would grant users the ability to share multiple photos using a voice command.

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Source: 9to5Google