Changes to Metrolinx’s Presto Card will help identify adults using child cards

TTC says adults riding for free with child cards have been recognized as a major source of fare evasion


Metrolinx and Toronto’s Transit Commission (TTC) has announced several changes to its Ontario-based Presto Card system, with some already in effect.

According to a September 24th statement, the TTC has modified Presto card reader displays to be more informative and indicate how much you’ve paid if you’re transferring, how much balance is remaining on your card, and whether or not you’re paying with a monthly pass.

Further, the card reader displays will also show if your card has been declined, if you have no more rides remaining in your card, if it has expired, if you activated the Presto card online, if it has already been tapped, if it is a blocked card, and if you need to add more funds.

Adults riding for free with child cards have been recognized as a significant source of fare evasion, and the TTC is making it easier for authorities to detect if you’re using a child card. From now on, when a child’s card is swiped on the card reader, a three-toned chime and a flashing yellow light will automatically be activated.

Customers who use a Fair Pass Discount Program fare will only hear one beep from the scanner and fare gate when they tap their card, instead of two.

Source: TTC