GM reveals Ultra Cruise, its new, more advanced semi-self-driving system

The program can drive on 95 percent of paved roads in the U.S. and Canada

General Motors has shown off several aspects of its new upgraded semi-autonomous driving system called ‘Ultra Cruise.’

The technology promises to be a considerable leap over GM’s current hands-free driver assistance program ‘Super Cruise.’ However, the automaker notes that this isn’t an upgrade to Super Cruise but rather a more premium option reserved for pricey vehicles.

However, this is good news for Canadians that own high-end GM vehicles, given the software works on 95 percent of roads in the country.

Ultra Cruise needs more sensors than Super Cruise to create accurate 3D representations of the world around it. This allows it to work on over two million miles of roads currently and potentially over three million in the future.

However, it’s still considered a level-two autonomous system, so it doesn’t offer full self-driving just yet.

However, GM doesn’t mention when this feature will release or what vehicles will come equipped with it.

On top of the Ultra Cruise announcement, GM outlined its plans to retool its efforts in the software space to drive more growth and innovation.

Source: GM