Assistant-powered voice typing reportedly coming to Gboard with Pixel 6

You can activate voice typing by saying "Hey Google, type" or by double-tapping the mic icon

Google Pixel 6

Google announced a range of new Gboard features when combined with the Google Assistant for Pixel phones back in 2019, including advanced dictation features for easy texting. However, some of the dictation features shown off at Google I/O 2019 never really made it to the consumer’s devices. According to XDA Developers, that is about to change.

A new Assistant-powered voice typing feature has been spotted within the Gboard app, and it could be one of the new features to launch on the Google Pixel 6 series. The ‘Google News’ channel on Telegram (via XDA) activated the feature by making a device appear as a Pixel 6 to offer a glimpse at the UI.

As visible in the images, the microphone symbol in the top-right corner is placed within a circle, and when you speak, a four-coloured ring pulsates as a visual cue that the device is listening to you. Further, the device also provides suggestions as to what to say to use the voice dictate feature, like “Clear,” “Undo,” and “Say.”

Additionally, you can activate voice typing by saying “Hey Google, type” or by double-tapping the mic icon.

All of the speech commands available in Gboard’s new Google Assistant-powered voice typing functionality, courtesy of XDA, are listed below:

Type and send

    • “Send” – Send your voice-typed text
    • “Stop” – Stop voice typing and close the mic. You can also tap the mic to stop
    • To keep the mic open – Double-tap the mic to continue voice typing until you tap it again, close the keyboard, or say “Stop”
    • “Delete” – Delete the last word or a selected word
    • “Clear” – Remove the last sentence
    • “Clear all” – Remove all text
    • “Undo” – Undo the last “Clear” or “Delete” action
    • To replace or correct a word – Tap to select it, then say or spell out the new word

Add emojis

    • “Lol emoji” – 😂
    • “Heart emoji” – ❤️
    • “Kissing emoji” – 😘
    • “Crying emoji” – 😭
    • “Smiling with teeth emoji” – 😁
    • “Heart eyes emoji” – 😍
    • “Thumbs up emoji” – 👍
    • “Happy face emoji” – 😊
    • “In love face emoji” – 🥰
    • “Thank you emoji” – 🙏

Forms and emails

    • “Next” – Move to the next text field
    • “Previous” – Move to the previous text field
    • “Set recipient” – Add a contact you’d like to send your email to
    • “Add Emma to Cc” – Add contact to CC on your email
    • “Set subject” – Add a subject to your email

Start hands-free

    • “Hey Google, type” – Start voice typing. To use this, Hey Google must be turned on.

At this time, there is no word on whether the Google Assistant improved typing function will be available on the Pixel 6. However, Google is touting its Tensor processor as capable of handling sophisticated AI and ML tasks, implying that the feature will most likely be available with the Google Pixel 6.

While we still do not know much about Google’s in-house Tensor chips, the Mountain View, California-based company is expected to fully detail the new devices during its October 19th event.

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Image credits: XDA Developers

Source: XDA Developers