Freedom offering iPhone 12 for $600 over two years with $50/mo plan

The deal was better, but Freedom changed it while I was writing about it

iPhone 12 mini

If you want to buy an iPhone but aren’t hankering for the pricey new iPhone 13, Freedom may have a deal for you.

The Shaw-owned regional carrier currently has the iPhone 12 available for a pretty good price. The 64GB model of the iPhone 12 is available for $0 upfront with a $25/mo Tab charge for 24 months on a minimum $50 plan. In other words, you can get the iPhone 12 for about $600 total over two years.

If 64GB isn’t enough for you, Freedom also offers the 128GB iPhone 12 for $0 upfront on a $35/mo Tab ($840 over two years) with a minimum $40 plan. That’s not as good of a deal, however.

As for plan options, Freedom currently offers two types of plans — ‘Unlimited’ and ‘Freedom.’ The main difference between the two is that Unlimited plans let people use data beyond their data cap, but at a reduced speed.

Another difference more relevant to this iPhone deal: Freedom plans are the only ones with a $50/mo option. In other words, if you want the deal exactly as advertised, you’ll need the Freedom 5GB + 10GB Bonus plans, which costs $50/mo after the $5 ‘Digital Discount.’

Alternatively, those who want more data (or “unlimited” data) can get one of the Unlimited plans, which start at $60/mo for 10GB + 7GB Bonus with the $5 Digital Discount. It’s also worth noting that if customers grab one of the $75/mo or higher plans, the iPhone 12 Tab cost drops $5 to $20/mo ($480 over two years). While a better phone cost, you’d also end up paying an extra $25/mo compared to the $50 option, which arguably negates the $5/mo phone discount.

Either way, considering Apple charges $949 for the iPhone 12 64GB if you buy it directly from them, getting it for $600 from Freedom isn’t a bad deal. All in, the Freedom offer would cost $1,800 over two years ($600 for the iPhone plus $50/mo plan over 24 months is $1,200, thus $1,800 total). If you were to buy the iPhone 12 direct from Apple, you’d need to get a plan that costs at least $35/mo for two years to beat the Freedom price.

One final note: when I started writing about the Freedom deal, it was actually better. The website listed the iPhone 12 as available on a $20/mo Tab with a $50 plan, but that offer was removed (I managed to grab a screenshot, which you can see below).

Screenshot of Freedom’s iPhone deal taken minutes before it changed.

You can check out the iPhone 12 deal for yourself here.