Sketchy leak hints Apple could be working on a Switch-like gaming handheld

As far as rumours go, this one is pretty dubious

Switch OLED model

A somewhat dubious rumour suggests that Apple could be creating its own Nintendo Switch-like gaming handheld.

This rumour comes from iDropnews, a relatively unknown source in the Apple leaking space. The report states that alongside a new Apple TV, Apple is also considering releasing a handheld that resembles Switch that can be played in handheld mode or docked and used on a television.

iDropnews goes on to say that Apple will release big-budget games on the platform that rival the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey.

Other information includes that Apple’s A14 chip will power the device and that it will launch in 2021 for between $449 and $549. The publication also lists the gaming device’s potential release dates as either “2020 or 2021,” which is strange given 2022 is just around the corner.

As far as Apple leaks go, I’m almost certain this one is not legitimate. The only gaming-related rumour we’ve seen regarding Apple in the past several months is that the company is reportedly working on a gaming-focused Apple TV and a dedicated controller, but the last we heard anything about those projects was back in December 2020.

Otherwise, Apple has only been involved in the gaming space through the App Store and, by extension, its $5.99/month Apple Arcade game subscription service.

Source: iDropnews