Alienware celebrates 25th anniversary by showing off new Aurora gaming PC

The new Aurora featuers an open-air design with reorganized internal components for better ventilation, less noise and cleaner cable management

Today marks Alienware’s 25th birth anniversary, and since its inception back in 1996, the company has led the industry in high-performance gaming PCs and peripherals.

To commemorate the occasion, Alienware is making its beloved Aurora gaming PC “Bigger, Better and Cooler,” with beefier specs and, for the first time, an optional, scratch-resistant, and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) protected transparent side panel.

The new Alienware Aurora features an open-air design with reorganized internal components for better ventilation, less noise, cleaner cable management and ease of accessibility, allowing users to easily swap out or upgrade internal components like the memory, hard drive, graphics card (GPU), etc.

According to the company, the open-air design clears 50 percent extra chassis space, resulting in more efficient airflow and less noise, “all while providing a 5 percent increase in graphics performance.” It’s worth noting that the five percent increase is in comparison to the Aurora R12, with both desktops running Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3090 GPU.

Further, every (new) Aurora PC will ship with two 120mm fans, one for front air intake and one for rear exhaust. However, if you want to spend big bucks, higher-end configurations of the PC will ship with a third and fourth pre-installed fan, taking advantage of the ’50 percent extra chassis space.’

According to Alienware, the new Aurora is up to nine percent quieter than its predecessor during CPU-intensive workloads, and CPU temperatures have been measured as being up to three percent lower.

The new Aurora PC also brings several external changes, including a curvy aesthetic case, which will be available in ‘Lunar Light’ and ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ colour options, along with a transparent left-side panel that lets you see inside the gaming PC. AlienFX’s configurable lighting capabilities have more than doubled. The old Aurora R12 desktop could only have four externally facing lighting zones, while the new Aurora will offer up to 8 lighting zones and different internal ambient lighting features.

The case also features tool-less entry from all sides, further making the machine a highly accessible one.

Alienware says the new Aurora’s pricing, configurations and availability will be announced later this fall. The company is also hosting an ‘Alienware Live Stream Event‘ today at 3pm ET/12pm PT, where it will detail the new Aurora PCs.