Fido reportedly offering customers 5GB of bonus data for 15 months again

The Rogers flanker brand sent a similar offer to customers earlier this month

Earlier this month, Rogers flanker brand Fido reportedly offered 5GB of free bonus data to some users. Now, the offer is circulating again.

According to a screenshot of a text message sent to iPhone in Canada, Fido is offering some customers 5GB of data for 15 months. The pictured text message from Fido reads as follows (sans a few emojis):

“Hi David, it’s Fido. You deserve more data. Here’s an extra 5 GB every month for 15 months. Seriously! No added costs, no new contracts, no strings attached. All because you’re a great customer.

“Visit fido.ly/my-account and sign in to get your FREE gigs before November 1st, 2021. Hurry! You don’t want to miss this.”

The URL included in the message goes to Fido’s MyAccount sign-in page.

All in all, it seems like a solid offer. It’d be nice if the 5GB bonus was permanent, but hey, I’ll take free extra data for 15 months too. Unfortunately, the deal is extremely ‘your mileage may vary’ — if you got one of these messages from Fido, you should head to the MyAccount portal to claim your data.

If you’re with Fido but haven’t received a message like this, you might be out of luck. Still, it could be worth checking the MyAccount portal just in case the offer is there too.

It’s also worth noting that Rogers and Fido seem to give out bonus data fairly often. In September, Rogers reportedly offered some customers 5GB of bonus data. Both it and Fido had similar offers about a year prior. In other words, if you didn’t luck out in this round of bonus data, give it a few months — maybe you’ll be in the next one.

Source: iPhone in Canada


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