Facebook’s new smart display is portable

Say hello to the Portal Go

Facebook revealed another smart display, and this one is designed to move around your house to be the perfect video chatting companion for any room.

The new display, called the Portal Go, sits on a wireless charger so users can pick it up and move it around their home to video chat on the go. The device’s triangular-wedge shape aims to make it straightforward to place on any surface. There’s even a little handle built into its back to make it easy to carry.

Since the device sits on a wireless charger and can stand up on its own, it’s likely a little more convenient than a phone or a tablet for video calling. That said, it’s more than likely not as versatile as those types of devices.

One advantage that Portal devices do have is that the camera can pan around and follow people in the frame to make sure that they’re always in the shot. This tech is super handy and makes video calling a lot easier. A similar function is also available in Apple’s newest iPad, and it’s likely it will come to more phones and tablets in the future, too.

On top of all that, the Portal Go is also an Alexa smart speaker and can stream content from Spotify, Crave and more. You can learn more about the device on Facebook’s website, but from our time with past smart displays from the company, we’d caution most against it unless you do a lot of video chatting on Facebook or over Zoom.

Source: Facebook