Quebec’s new vaccine QR code natively supports Apple’s Wallet and Health app

Previously, Quebecers had to use a third-party workaround

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Quebec has rolled out a new vaccine QR that is natively supported by Apple’s Wallet and Health app.

There’s a catch, though: you need to be running iOS 15.1. The latest version of Apple’s OS is currently only via public beta, although it’s set for a wide release sometime next week.

To start, you’ll need to download the Quebec vaccination QR code on desktop here. Once you’ve done that, select ‘download your paper proof for use outside Quebec,’ then scan the QR code with your iPhone’s camera app. Tap the ‘Health’ button that appears and follow the instructions to add the code to your Wallet and the Health app.

This gives Quebec iOS users an official vaccine QR code solution, given that the previous one was a third-party workaround.

If you’re in Ontario, here’s what you should know about the Ford government’s own solution, the Verify Ontario app.

Via: iPhone in Canada