Apple could launch a 27-inch mini LED 120Hz iMac in early 2022

If accurate, this will be Apple's third device with a mini LED display


Hot on the heels of the reveal of Apple’s refreshed MacBook Pro laptops and 3rd-generation AirPods, rumours are swirling surrounding the potential launch of a 27-inch iMac with a 120Hz mini LED display.

According to often-reliable Display Supply Chains Consultants CEO Ross Young, the new iMac with Apple’s XDR display branding will launch in the first quarter of 2022.

Young goes on to say that the iMac will feature an adaptive refresh rate between 24Hz and 120Hz, but there’s no information regarding its resolution. Given the current 27-inch iMac features a 5K display, it’s likely that this refresh will adopt the same resolution.

Apple’s other devices with mini LED display technology include the 12.9-inch iPad (2021) and its recently revealed 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro. It’s unclear if Apple’s rumoured larger iMac will feature the same bright colours as its smaller counterpart.

While I generally really like Apple’s colourful 24-inch iMac (2021), its lack of ports is disappointing. For example, the lower-end version only features two Thunderbolt/USB-C ports, while the higher-end model features two Thunderbolt/USB-C ports and two USB-C ports.

For more on the 24-inch iMac (2021), check out my review from earlier this year.

Source: @DSCCRoss Via: MacRumors