TTC is updating its website to offer a ‘mobile-first, responsive design’

TTC also intends to add a bus time integration feature to the website later this fall

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has announced that its outdated website is scheduled for an upgrade this week.

The website, which currently resembles eBay’s early 2010 look, will offer “a seamless, responsive and much more accessible user experience” post-upgrade, allowing users to better navigate the site.

The current version of the website, which is not mobile-friendly, was promised to be updated back in 2018. However, the company in charge of creating the new website shut down, causing an almost three-year delay.

That said, the new website will go live this week with changes “based on feedback from users of the current website.”

According to TTC, the new website will include:

  • A mobile-first, responsive design
  • Simplified content and user experience
  • Status dashboards for subway lines, surface routes, elevators and escalators
  • Live service alerts widget

Additionally, the TTC intends to launch another new feature later this fall — bus time integration. “This will allow customers to see in real-time exactly where the buses are in relation to the stop,” reads TTC’s website.

Source: TTC